health without a side of body shame

nutrition for women in bigger bodies

did you start dieting as kid, and now think about food way too much?

Your bigger body deserved, and deserves to live without 24/7 food guilt! Let's figure out your Intuitive Eating style so you can overcome whatever is holding you back from finding food freedom.

No More Binges Masterclass

In this recorded, 3 part series, you’ll learn my repeatable No More Binge method. Understand why you binge and how to stop through direct instruction with Melissa

Private Coaching

Apply for 1:1 coaching and go from feeling out of control around food to feeling free in 3 months. This program offers Melissa’s undivided attention as you apply the No Guilt Framework for binge eating, emotional eating, body image issues, and/or special health concerns.

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real talk: can you be obese and healthy?

You’ve been learning about – and are inspired by – the Health At Every Size ® movement, HAES for short…but it is so counter to the diet-obsessed culture you’ve been immersed in all your life. HAES can feel opposite to...

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examples of thin privilege hidden in plain sight

Have you heard of thin privilege? These days, as people do the work of investigating their own privileges and prejudices, society has the opportunity to become more kind and just. This post, with examples of what thin...

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