Melissa + Dalina take on their first BTDC podcast listener question: “how do I get over feeling guilty when I eat ‘bad’ foods?” Black-and-white thinking around food can cause you to feel guilt and push you toward overeating. If you relate to this struggle, we have your back! We’re here to explain how to move past this common dieting struggle so you can get some relief! 

In today’s episode…

  • hear a struggle from one of our listeners who called in to tell us: she hasn’t been able to stop labeling foods “good” and “bad” — even though she is trying!
  • how to give yourself unconditional permission to eat food you want – not just when you’re “skinny enough” to deserve it what food voices are – and how to listen for the Food Police what to do to quiet the food police so you can create a more peaceful relationship with food

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