Ever since Dalina found out about “Blue Monday” – aka the diet industry’s best sales day, we’ve wanted to give you a complete breakdown on the popular dieting app Noom.

Why? This app is NOTORIOUS for using words like “intuitive eating” and claiming it’s not a diet in its advertisements and search fields. That sounds promising, but is it?

Prior to the episode, Melissa downloaded the app, tried it for a few days, and reported back to Dalina what she found. We discuss:what is the “psychology” the ads keep referring to? what should you expect when signing up? was there anything good about it? ways noom could do better as an app

Dm us after this episode to let us know your thoughts. Will you be trying Noom anytime soon based on what you learned?

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[is noom a scam?] transcript

Melissa Landry  0:02  
Hola hola Chulas. Hi there. We are experts in intuitive eating for on again off again chronic dieters, and we are here to help you take the guilt and stress out of eating so you can become the first in your family to break the diet cycle, just like we are in our families. 
Dalina Soto  0:19  
We want you to be who you are without food guilt. 
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Be sure to follow us on Instagram. No more guilt for Melissa and your Latina nutritionist for Dalina. Are you ready? Let's break the diet cycle. Hey, it's me Melissa. Before we start, I want to let you know that this episode is brought to you by no more guilt with Melissa Landry. What you are about to listen to is not a professional coaching or counseling session. Each episode is a one time conversation meant for educational purposes. Look, we're dieticians. But we're not your dietician. Remember that podcasts don't constitute treatment. If you have concerns about your dieting behaviors, seek out guidance from a medical or mental health professional. And if you're looking for the process, support and focus you need to live life without food guilt, apply for a coaching program from today's sponsor, me. I'm currently enrolling clients into one to one programs, group programs and I recently added a do it yourself format the ex dieters guide to no more guilt apply for a program at Melissa Landry nutrition.com. I hope to meet you soon. 
Dalina Soto  1:22  
Hola hola Chulas. 
Melissa Landry  1:26  
How are we? 
Dalina Soto  1:28  
You know, make it through all these scams coming up this year? 
Melissa Landry  1:32  
Well, you know, next week is the Blue Monday that you will know last week. So we are not less. We're not going to get tricks this year. We're not going to get tricked. That's what we're not going to do. And we're talking about everyone's least favorite application. Noom today. Did I tell you that I downloaded it some time ago. 
Dalina Soto  1:50  
I mean, I feel like I vaguely heard you say this. And then I was like, did you pay for that? 
Melissa Landry  1:55  
So here's what happens. Because they are like, when you go to sign up for any type of weight loss program, and you're like, Well, I don't know. And they're like, Well, what if we slashed the price? And like, well, I don't know. Like, why don't we slashed the price again. So I went through their whole there's like a quiz. And at the end they really do want to pay for and I was like no, they're like, do you want every penny and I was like, okay, literally on my credit card statement. It says like new ink. 0.01 cent, so I paid. And that's for the trial. So I didn't pay one penny. I'm not, you know, canoodle How long was the Thai culture? I think it was a 10 day trial. So yeah, so I actually played around with it. I wasn't religious with it, because it was hard to do. And we'll talk about that. So yeah, I definitely because I wanted to really get a little bit I had suspected what they were doing but I wanted to get a little bit more into that investigative reporters stuff. Like I want to get in there for a minute.
Dalina Soto  2:48  
I feel like I just I'm like so oblivious to like these scams because known doesn't really aim for the Latinx community. So like not Yeah, not not Yeah, yeah. I literally don't hear much about it. Like, I don't really get commercials or like
Melissa Landry  3:08  
also don't listen to podcasts, even though you're a podcaster. And I think you would be singing a different tune right now. 
Dalina Soto  3:15  
I don't listen to podcasts. I don't want people stories. 
Melissa Landry  3:18  
I mean, it's only my lifeblood I listen to podcasts all the live long day. Yeah, no podcasts. It's really rough. And it's really sad when like personalities you like, are like promoting Noom all the time. And it's like, please. Yeah, it's not man. It's not a good scene. Well, I don't want to say new is a scam. Yeah, we're gonna keep the question open as long as I am. The spoilers like I would call it a scam like. It's not as ridiculous as some of the things we're talking about next week, like the fads that are just Yeah, totally bananas. Yeah, I would say it is a shape shifting version of clinical weight loss programs that have been for a long time. So we're going to talk about how they weave in some of the, quote, science of weight loss, which has been debunked for the most part into this handheld quote, Psychology program. So I just want to have you ask some questions about it. And I'm going to tell you what I found and we're gonna debrief my experience with new. 
Dalina Soto  4:22  
Alright, let's do this. My first question, what the heck is a psychology that they're talking about? Because like, I feel like I saw a few people post about this. And I was like, what? And you know how I am Melissa, I really don't dig in. If it's not something that I really care about. I'm like, whatever. She's just like the headline infuriated me. No brain space to go investigate, I'll trust. 
Melissa Landry  4:48  
Well, that's right. So whenever you hear about new they often put a tagline like that. This is the new psychology. It's a psychology based approach to weight loss. And I think a lot of times When you read that, it's like, oh, okay, this is different, right? This isn't some sort of crazy restriction. It also underscores this idea that, like, you're fundamentally broken and a problem, right? Like, oh, I'm going to need some heavy dose psychology to change my eating behaviors. So I don't love the branding for what it implies. But I do think it makes people think this is something new something cutting edge. This also links to some of that like biohacking bro culture mindset that people can have, like, maybe if we can outsmart ourselves, we can optimize our health. So they definitely, they like that word psychology to sound shiny. 
Dalina Soto  5:37  
Yeah, it's like, you know, if I can, if I can't get it together on my own, then I have to, like, rewire my brain, which is kind of like what we help people do, but not in this way. Right? 
Melissa Landry  5:49  
Alright, rewire it for the purposes of becoming smaller. And that's where, you know, some of the marketing gets muddied. Because what they have done is bought up a ton of SEO ad space, I don't know if that's the right way to say that. But basically, if you Google search, anti diet, or you Google search, intuitive eating, a lot of times the first hit is going to be a Noom advertisement. So what they're doing is they're taking all of these neutral tools, and flipping them towards weight loss, which we know is not the intent of intuitive eating. So as far as I can tell, the psychology they're using is cognitive behavioral therapy. And you and I have bought our friend CBT. CBT is a friend, you know, CBT is like a gold standard treatment for anxiety and depression. It is evidence based, all it means is that you can work on restructuring your thoughts, you can work on labeling your feelings to change your behaviors. And so what Noom has included in the app is stuff like goal setting, specifically around a weight. It's pretty annoying, because they ask you what weight you want to be without,
Dalina Soto  6:55  
oh, you know, cuz we can do that. Like, we could just pick a number. 
Melissa Landry  6:59  
Yeah. They asked what weight do you want to be? And then they're like, do you want to lose weight fast or slow? Again? If you could? Yeah, so the goal setting they do is often around that weight. Then they offer self monitoring, which is another tool of cognitive behavior therapy, which basically says is like if you get feedback on your behavior, you're more likely to change your behavior. So they include things like tracking your calories, you can log those things like exercise, right? So they figure if you see it, you'll do more of it. The feedback that they give you is through red, yellow, green light labeling on foods, higher calories, get red, lower calories get green, which means that things like salmon and almonds and pistachios, like it's stuff that nobody's arguing is nutritious blue, but he's arguing their wine of giving you a red light. They also do things like boosting your belief, you can do something that's part of cognitive behavioral therapy, like self efficacy, like you can do it, we believe in you. We'll talk about why that's a problem in a second. And then they also have incentives like little badges and things you can earn. That's another like with your five. Yeah, like a little sticker chart, these techniques of like goal setting feedback, stuff like that. There's nothing bad or wrong with that, I would say do you and I use that with our clients? Yeah. Because these strategies do work. But the problem is, is they're putting them on top of dietary restriction, which we know the body biologically books. So that's where the psychology is real. But it's put on something that's it's like putting the psychology on like, Well, maybe it's like gold said I could jump to the moon. No, the goal setting is not going to make your legs powerful enough to jump to the moon. It's problematic. 
Dalina Soto  8:47  
And I think that it just makes me so sad. Again, I say this, I feel like I'm a broken record. Like, they take stuff that we know is great. And make it so diet culture-y and take it so far to the left, that people get so deterred from it, like just so angry at it. So what's the word? I'm thinking in Spanish right now, like, I want to say detest, that's not the word. Wait. Like they get like just so angry at it that they kind of like swing to the other end of the pendulum and they're like, screw this. I'm not doing any of it when a lot of these things can be really good. No, I know what you mean journey. What is the word that I want to use? Like reactive? Or like,maybe we asked Justin, I don't know. I said, I said to test. Yeah, I'll get what I'm saying. It's like, it makes me so angry because there's so many things that they steal from us. And then when we when you come to us, you're just so angry. And so just over everything that this could be triggering for us to even talk to you about because you've had such a negative connection. Right, right.
Melissa Landry  9:53  
I can't tell you I just had a client yesterday who said we're doing like I said the word do you want to set a goal around that or so She's like the word goal, like I can't. And I'm like, You're right. That's just that's just language that, but what we're talking about is creating focus, like focus is important. And I think that that is important because a lot of people get overwhelmed with intuitive eating and all the different things that they could do that they never get, like progress on one aspect. So it's totally true that, you know, when you're working with someone to tell them like this stuff bothers me like, I don't want to go set I don't want to track great that actually is not a requirement for meeting. It's tools you can use. But yeah, it's it gives you the heebie jeebies if you've been around too long, so All right. 
Dalina Soto  10:38  
So tell me about like when you sign up, because I'm the person that signs up for nothing. So you could get them take you down to all and
Melissa Landry  10:46  
 if you got a fair Penny, just ping you can flip that over to noom. And you can see this for yourself. Okay, so I will say the start of it is kind of like cute. Do you use headspace ever? Have you seen it just made this face like I just got through telling you I don't know if any of you who have used headspace, I think that the like the art and headspace is so cute. The design of it is just so adorable. It makes me feel so nice. They have a very similar vibe or these like these cute little cartoons. And it's like nice and friendly. But the first thing it says is like, Do you believe and it makes you like be like, Yes, I believe. And they're doing that technique of self efficacy, which is like if you get people to point their attention toward the confidence and the reasons why they can do something they're more likely to follow through. But again, weight loss is not something you can just believe yourself into. It's not magic. So it kind of pissed me off that they're taking a technique. And they're trying to defy the law of physics, like you're saying, like genetics is going to dictate our weight, your access to food might dictate your weight, your dieting, and medical history and your setpoint weight are all things that you can't just put on a toggle and an app and say I want to be this weight. And I want it to happen this fast. They're even doing stuff where they're like, Well, why do you want to do it this fast? And you can select I have an event, you can say, Oh, I'm going to a wedding. And it just reinforces I wish you guys could see his face right now pick up your jaw pick if you're just
Dalina Soto  12:19  
I just like I just want to point out that if it wasn't that easy to just like get up and lose weight, like Oprah would be like the Weight Watchers person, right? Like she wouldn't be a lifetime member.
Melissa Landry  12:33  
Yeah. So all the money in the world. It's frustrating because it's like this isn't a diet. They'll say things like it's the new psychology but for anyone who has done a weight loss program before this sounds wildly familiar. Exactly. Wildly familiar, and there's more to come but this was the introductions.
Dalina Soto  12:52  
 I have a question. Yeah, what does Noom stand for? Tell you like what why like an O M like What the frick is new? 
Melissa Landry  13:00  
Here we taping What does noon stand for? Do you really think about the time when the internet when you couldn't just ask when you couldn't do it? Oh, oh my god Well, you had to go get turtle likes obviously my research is right now no I don't think we have I don't think I don't trust these I don't I don't trust these don't have to learn to look this up later. Something says it's moon spelled backwards. Why maybe maybe when I like said you could you can't force jumping to the moon like code like they're like noom. This is big. 
Dalina Soto  13:34  
Listen listen. I'm done with this conversation right? Oh, well I got to move on. I know you do but I'm like Oh, my stomach down here 
Melissa Landry  13:43  
This is what if anything, you're consistent like this Why can't move forward and download things you can't get past the headline. Me I'm like what's happening in here? I'm like little very brave. I didn't carry a space for that. You know, like well, I mean, I How am I supposed to protect my babies out there my clients if I don't know what they're getting thrown? 
Dalina Soto  14:04  
I I mean, I know everything about Herbalife so come true. 
Melissa Landry  14:08  
You get you're a different you're a different like reconnaissance mission over there. Okay, so yeah, like, the initial experience, I think if you have especially if you're in a situation like when do we download weight loss apps, obviously when we're having a negative body image day when we maybe we just had a binge, we can't stand it anymore. Like it's catching you obviously in a moment where things are feeling not so great. And then they try to inspire hope again. Which is gross. Like that's, that's not helpful, especially like we've gone through it so many times. 
Dalina Soto  14:43  
I try to pick you up when you're down and say we're the answer. Yeah. It's up to Yeah. Which is great. We should be picking people up when they're, you know, down, but not in this way. Okay. I love to play devil's advocate. I love to talk about both sides of the story. Is there anything good? 
Melissa Landry  15:01  
Okay, I was trying to find some good things in it because like, I don't know, sometimes I say to my clients all the time, like, intuitive eating Health at Every Size is not dogma, your your job is not to like do what all the people who are leading the movement say your job is to decide what parts of that work for you and what parts don't like that's really effectively how you make this sustainable and feel real in your life. So I did try to find something that's alright. So one thing that they do is they say all foods fit. And I think that they do try to encourage people to include all foods with the exception of the red light green light thing, right? Like they are not restrict, they're not saying you have to do low carb you have to do they do give people some choice, but it falls apart. 
Dalina Soto  15:50  
I mean, can you explain to me how if they have a red light, green light thing, how red light foods are all food fits like that? Like in my head, my brain is trying to make sense of like, if you just told me that a food is red How the hell am I supposed to have it all the time? 
Melissa Landry  16:04  
Because that's where they have like, their philosophy falls apart. Like the phrase all foods fit is what I agree with. But the way they implement all foods fit is all wrong. And let me tell you how they ruined it. There's like these little auto to audio tutorials. The only thing is like FM feels like homework. Like every day you're like, they're like listen to this 10 minute inspirational audio. This is where I started to fall apart. I started doing really good research. And then I got lazy. I was like I cannot I don't have time for this. But one of the audios were like there's no bad foods, just bad habits, which like I was like, so I'm the problem. Like, you know, the the potato chips I'm eating aren't bad, but like, I'm bad for the way that I eat. Or because I picked them because there's no better gaming bed. You're right, like. So this is where it gets kind of like,maybe this isn't something good about it. But it's something that like Intuitive Eating does work off choice and all foods fit. They're trying to liberalize the restriction. But it's still effing restriction at the end of the day, because there's a quote, right answer, which is the dumb calorie restriction they gave you probably 1200, which we know is how much a toddler needs. So I take that back. That wasn't good. Alright, let me tell you something else I found they offer exercise as something optional button. couraged. And I kind of liked that because they weren't prescribing exercise in some sort of way. They did seem to try to get people to think about like, Well, what do you like about movement? It's obviously, you know, there's there's things that can benefit you. What are some goals that you have, so they were a little bit more open ended on the movement, which I wish they were about the food, like if they had coached people on the food that way that could have invited some more internal motivation around food changes. So I thought that was getting closer to being okay. What are your thoughts on that?
Dalina Soto  17:54  
I mean, that this is still dieting on the DL in a way, like, yeah, it is where it's like, it's like, like passive aggression. It is passive aggressive, because, like, if you're telling me I have to do all of these other things, but then you're like, leaving, you know, exercise to the wind. Like, and then when I don't do it, you're like, I'm subconsciously blaming myself for you know what I mean? Like, it's, it's like a catch 22? Yeah, yeah. I like I can't explain it. But it's like, I gave him this thing. Yeah, it's like, it's good. Wind. Yeah, it's so sneaky. 
Melissa Landry  18:33  
That's like, he, they position it, like, I'm just gonna leave this right here. You know, like, there's this, there's in because that they, they pin this to the weight goal. I feel like if this was said, without a weight goal, alright, we're leaning more towards a more of an intuitive eating vibe here. But because they have to start the process by putting a weight goal in you and me, and everybody else now knows that this is the goal. So putting the movement and the exercise all around and be like up to you, but you have this goal, and you believe in yourself. So what you're going to do, it's sort of like you're in the failure. 
Dalina Soto  19:09  
So it's like, you want me to do all these other things. And then you're like, but nevermind, about the exercise. That's up to you. But if you don't do it, that's why you failed. 
Melissa Landry  19:17  
Yeah, I had one more thing that was good. Maybe kind of good. I'm like air coding so bad. I had to dig. Okay. They have a mindfulness focus. But you know what, as I say it, I see it. What do you think the mindfulness is pointed on? His on getting yourself calm, so you don't emotionally eat? Which Yes, but when it's pinned towards like, Don't emotionally eat because that's bad because you're gonna gain weight. They're also like let's, you know, not be mindless eaters, which again, can be a positive, but for the sole purpose of what it's going to do to the weight versus how you feel in your body. I don't think it hurts. They do have a I think they have a pairing with headspace or some mindfulness app like meditation. In and of itself has so many benefits. So I think it's nice that they bring that closer to people. But like the other quote, good things we've mentioned, the fact that the weight loss goal is like housing all of these skills is making everything a little bit muddy. 
Dalina Soto  20:16  
Yeah. It's unfortunate it is. And honestly, I will shoot myself in the foot right now I say that I will never create an app because you know, the sky's the limit, but it's an app really going to give you everything you need. It's true. It's true. I'm not trying like, again, it's magic. 
Melissa Landry  20:33  
Every No, you know, we never know if like Melissa and Delita decide one day to create an app. Like point is like, for the future when they play this and you know, play this on the news, you think we're gonna get, the app we make is gonna get so big that they're gonna they're gonna pull this audio file. I love you, I love you. You dream big. I love that for you. And I'm, I'm coming, I'm pitching but
Dalina Soto  21:00  
there's so much nuance. They make it seem like you're gonna download this app. And you're just going to like, be able to magically fix yourself into losing weight, right? Like, like, you are something that needs to be fixed. Right? And that this app is going to help you do that. But like, even when we talk about CBT, like, that's something that you do with like another human being pushing you through watching your reaction, right, like feeding off the feelings and what's happening in the room, your body language, like so much. And this app doesn't even know it can't tell you your hunger is tellingyou the Pistachios are in the red, but damn it What if you really want a handful of pistachios? 
Melissa Landry  21:43  
Yeah, oh, you're angry right now? I'm pissed you off? Well, well done, you're gonna get there. I think I'm pissed right now already in the red zone. Emotionally. That is another criticism Dalina that this app is a technology company first and foremost. And so I don't know if you know this. I used to work at a startup in a time before. And I worked with engineers. And they are brilliant, amazing people, but they think like an algorithm, right? So when they're programming software, like you're saying, someone probably said to them, well, like, you know, like, psychologist maybe who does weight loss was like, Yeah, well, if someone did this, I would say this, they would interview that person. And then they go, Okay, well, let's make that into a program. Let's distill it. So that we can scale this because that's how tech companies make money. They have to scale scale, scale and sell lots and lots of subscriptions in order to keep going so the program is very much like a robot, not a human. And particularly for people who have a lot of emotional baggage around their dieting history, this app is not going to give a shit about that stuff is not going to kind of sense like a school setting kind of making you feel like you want to rebel right now. I'm gonna ask you that question at all. So 100% observation on that later. All right, let's you want to stay angry when I prefer not to I'm trying to enjoy my Thursday. 
Dalina Soto  23:05  
I should have like, we should have maybe my period it's even worse. already. I'm already having a stank attitude today. 
Melissa Landry  23:12  
I feel like we need to do these types of episodes you know, consistent with we can do some cycle mapping. Fixed everybody gets through alive. Okay, so a few other things that annoyed me, especially for people who have done this a million times and are downloading the app thinking it's something new, Dalina, I'm not friggin kidding you there's a button where you click and it's not even like this is where they started like lazy with the app design. You click a button and it's like a PDF pops up with all the palm portions where it's like a deck of cards is a serving and I'm like Oh are we still doing this? Like this was literally like 1950s Like that's how like this is it's so old school and I'm like Are you really trying to play off like you're this new psychology technology and showing people decks of cards and checkbooks like like people use checkbooks anymore and they'll be talking about checkbooks you make me send you checks every month. That is our personal business. Like that's a good explained Dalina and eyes flip the cost of an editor and she sends me a check every month for her half what people do use both by mouth tax I actually love your checks if you feel special I think beautiful signature by the way we didn't talk okay okay, so anyways people do use check books but comparing food to checkbooks is lame. The other thing that they they do it is calorie counting like that's the basis that's the method that they are using to help you lose weight. So all these bells and whistles around it. It's just calorie counting. At the end of the day. We talked about the red yellow green categorization that gives me the feeling of points and that means shaming. How many of our clients who've done Weight Watchers even though they've stopped for years, that will be like I look at an English muffin and I still go six points. They can't unlearn it. So the stuff that it suggests daily wins, and they do this really icky language and they like, say hello to your frenemy the scale. And they have a whole audio skill about how to do a weigh in. And this is your listen to this. These ones I listened to yeah, this was in the very beginning. I mean, I'm sure there are more egregious audio recordings, but like, you only had 10 days. I'm trying to run a business. I can't be. Yeah, like it's, but this one in particular was like, he called it your frenemy, like you're, you're already labeling this thing as like, a. It's like it's labeling the toxicity. And I'm like, do you hear what you saying? Like, do you see it? No. Do you see the toxicity? Your things moderation is a word that they like to say a lot, and they make these really cringy jokes. So one tutorial says, What would make your weight fluctuate? It goes if you're stranded on a desert island, or a dessert island, which implies that like eating desserts, make them done. I thought you were fat phobic joke. It's a button. I know. And then this is my last one that I caught. And there's probably many more. There's messaging in there. It says it's explaining how to reduce calories by making it analogous to a cheeseburger. So it said something like if you cut out, I forget the exact example. Like if you cut out a slice of bread a day, that's the same calorie in 11 cheeseburgers, as if like all fat people are eating cheeseburgers like it's like, it's equating. There's a lot of like, moral question. 
Dalina Soto  26:42  
I would like to come to the defense of bread and say that not all bread is created equal. So I just want to say that, okay, I'm here for your bread. I'll be your lawyer. 
Melissa Landry  26:51  
Yeah, I mean, I don't think bread breads doing all right brands been around for centuries, it's gonna survive this comment from this, this stuff is what really, again, when we say, well, you know, it's, this is a more flexible dieting plan, then, you know, doing shakes and starving yourself. It's using psychology, but it's still reinforcing all the guilt or the shame, all the fat bias, the anti fat bias that we we see, causing a lot of problems for people in the first place, right? These are the things that cause people to feel bad about themselves to then go on these diets. So at the end of the day, do better. 
Dalina Soto  27:34  
It makes me angry, because because they use the word psychology, they make it seem like well, we told you, we coach you we trained do, we helped her brain change? If this doesn't work, then it's your fault.
Melissa Landry  27:45  
Right? Right. Now cool. So if Noom to do better, like if they were to, because I don't think there's anything wrong with people responding to the messaging of like, I want to improve my health, or I want to feel better my body or like some of the messaging they use is like, yeah, okay, sure. For country, we're all allowed to do these things and feel good. What they would say is that weight loss is not a guarantee. Like if they just put that label on there and said, Look, we can maybe promise you a modest, modest amount of weight loss. And even if we do, you're going to have to follow this plan the rest of your life, you're going to have to calorie count like this the rest of your life, if that's the way that the weight loss came, it sucks, it reinforces diet culture, but at least they would be telling the truth, they act as if they'll never take this app. And I mean, that's, that's a really small step that diet programs and companies can take is to put a warning label on it is to say, these are the probable outcomes that are going to happen. And here are the probable symptoms that you will face because you have body autonomy. If you want to choose these programs, you can. But wouldn't it be nice if they let us know? What would happen to us when we did, so we could make that informed choice.
Dalina Soto  29:01  
 But we all know that marketing is bells and whistles. So it's not gonna be that this is my fantasy ask. 
Melissa Landry  29:07  
Secondly, if they were to employ tracking, because it is an app, so if you're going to be an app company, you gotta have something to do with the app. Right? So if they were going to do tracking, like you mentioned before, any type of tracking that would raise awareness about emotional state about hunger, or fullness, about preferences, timing of meals, so you could learn patterns of things that like work for your body and make you feel good, would be a really awesome thing. 
Dalina Soto  29:32  
I think I'm not liking that. You're giving these people ideas?
Melissa Landry  29:35  
 Well, they're never going to do it. They're never going to do it. And again, last one day, my these apps exist, there are many fabulous apps that do these things. The thing is, all of this would require them to not sell weight loss. If they didn't sell weight loss. They wouldn't make as much money because they're preying on the fears of people and that's why We're going into this. What does it Blue Monday? Sad Monday, Blue Monday, next week a little bit. Sadly, it's blue and sad. So, you know, if you had a different experience with them, I'd love to hear it. If you had a experience that resonated with Noom also, we'd love to hear it. I hope that this was helpful for anyone who was like, let me just see what it's like, look, we just told you, you don't have to. You don't have to pay the one penny. You don't need to do that even instead, maybe it's a good time to you still got your free guide right on your website? Yeah. Okay. Dalina has a free guide. I have a free guide. Go check them out. Maybe if you if you got some energy, and you want to invest in yourself, maybe trying it in a different direction this year? Is it good idea? 
Dalina Soto  30:44  
Yeah, up to you. We have tons of free resources. So I know. 
Melissa Landry  30:48  
So just be bop around that websites like I'm updating it every day. 
Dalina Soto  30:53  
I know, gosh, my brain is constantly going. This is why I don't have time for these apps. All right. Well, now that I need to bring myself back. Oh my gosh. That was so we'd love for you to leave us a review. Wherever you found this podcast so that we can help women like you looking to heal their relationship with food. Find our show. 
Melissa Landry  31:19  
I agree. We appreciate hearing from you. And maybe you want to tell a friend about this podcast we love when you help spread our message. And until next time, we'll see you on Insta just like we found each other thanks for being here with us and for being who you are. Peace, Love. Break the diet cycle.