I’d started my Intuitive Eating journey a while back, but I felt stuck. The No More Guilt program helped me clarify exactly which areas needed some more work. Actually doing the work is where the real magic happens, and this program provided support and guidance through every step.

Now that we’re nearing the end of the program, I am feeling much more clear about my vision, goals, and values. Before, when doing this on my own, I had a lot of concepts and thoughts rattling around in my head, but I had a hard time organizing and applying them. This program bridged that gap for me. I still have work to do, but I feel really good about moving forward with what I have learned in this group.

I was “someone on the fence” and I convinced myself to take the plunge by thinking about how much time and money I have spent in 20ish years on diet plans, meetings, diet books, etc. That money and time is gone and I have nothing to show for it. This course does require an investment of time and money, but it is far less than what I’ve spent in any given year when I was trying to lose weight.

Also, most importantly, I have something to show for what I’ve invested. I have skills, knowledge, and insight that I didn’t have before taking this course. I feel confident that I will continue to build on what I have learned for years to come. Melissa is awesome to work with. She has a warm and caring personality that made me feel at ease with her right away. We talk about some hard stuff in this course, and I always felt comfortable sharing things with Melissa.

When it comes to Intuitive Eating, Melissa knows what she is talking about – and she has a gift of relaying that information in a way that is very relatable. Some of these concepts are hard, and she was always willing to explain things another way, or offer examples so that nobody in the group felt lost or left behind. I also appreciate that she really listens to (and asks for) feedback from her clients. Just another way that she shows how much she truly cares about the people she works with.

– Lori B, Group Coaching Client


No More Guilt improved my well-being in so many ways! The goal and milestone approach were reasonable and I tracked my progress in a very accessible way with Melissa’s bi-weekly check-ins and the questions and updates she posted on the app, Healthie. The coaching helped with voice and examine areas I struggle with in terms of food, body image and the diet mentality, and addressed these in a non-judgmental way. Becoming more at peace with my body and relationship with food is an ongoing journey and one that I feel is easier with the tools I developed through this program. 

Working one-on-one with Melissa was great. We were able to examine my relationship with food, body image and areas I struggle with such as binging and restricting in a judgment-free way. Her coaching is incredibly holistic and covers mind, body and spirit in my relationship with food that I haven’t seen elsewhere with other Registered Dieticians. She is very well-versed with intuitive eating and other anti-diet movements and can give feedback on the pros and cons of each approach. She was encouraging and thoughtful and gave practical and real world advice on how to address every day challenges around food, diets, body image, etc. that I could apply immediately. If you struggle with your relationship with food and are interested in a structured approach to examining this that is non-judgmental and easy to implement, Melissa’s program is the way to go.

– Carly W, Private Coaching Client


MI feel like I can split my life into two parts- the before this group and the now. Melissa seemed very approachable and warm on our first call but to be honest I was very apprehensive, it’s hard to choose someone off the internet when you don’t know anything about them! But i researched Melissa and found that she had actual credentials and an actual degree, rather than just styling herself as some kind of lifestyle coach and that was very important to me.

– Michelle L, Group Coaching Client

Before I thought what do I want for dinner? How many WW points do I have to work with? How many hours/days will I feel guilt after I eat this? Food just feels simpler. One of my 3 month goals was for my relationship with food to be easy. It’s still not always easy of course, but it is easier.

I feel like I have brain space freed up for so many other thoughts. It’s just weird. I’ve been to so many ED programs and read so many books but this is the first time after 6 years of treatment and 17 years of dieting that I feel like I can eat what I want and the world won’t end. And I feel confident that I can still be healthy in my body size, something no professional has ever told me before. That’s life changing and worth the cost alone right there. Validation.

I’ve had poor experiences in body image/ED groups in the past primarily because I’ve always been the biggest member and I feel so different from the other girls. Even though the struggles are the same I still allowed myself to feel alienated because I felt “othered” and different.

In this group, the majority of the girls are smaller than me. This does get to me occasionally but Melissa never treats me differently or like my concerns are any less valid. My biggest fear was being dismissed because of what I look like because it’s happened before and that’s never happened to me here. The biggest factor was that she explicitly says that she works with women in bigger bodies.

It’s SO HARD to find someone to work with who says that right in their Instagram profile. So many practitioners who say that do HAES and body positivity do so to an extent—once a person is a certain size their framework no longer applies. I never felt like Melissa would tell me my body was wrong or I was too big to benefit from her framework and I was right. Having someone who has my back and sees value in me no matter my size was extremely important to me. 

– Kelsey, Group Coaching Client


Before working with Melissa, I was in constant worry of what to eat, when to eat, how much, what were the calories/points/macros and could I work it all off later? Why was my body the way that it is and how can I change it and force it to be what society ideals tell me it should be. I was constantly seeking acceptance for my appearance and my dedication to changing my appearance, rather than loving myself and caring for myself in the way that I need. Now I am not in constant obsession with food and thinking about how to restrict now to get what I want later. My brain is free to do other things. Engage more meaningfully with the people closest to me. Ultimately, I get to model healthy behavior for my children. And be more mindfully present in my marriage.  Melissa is honest and open, her approach to changing is not forceful. She walks alongside you on the journey and has insight into behavior and thought patterns related to food and body image that are unique and helpful.

– Erin S, Private Coaching Client


Six months ago, I was stressed and anxious constantly and turned to food as a coping mechanism pretty consistently. I knew this wasn’t the right answer,  but couldn’t change it, kept gaining weight, and kept beating myself up for it. My mental health was declining because I made myself feel like a failure for my lack of will power and self esteem around food.

Through this program I was able to learn why I chose food to cope,  determine alternative strategies,  and manage my binging and over eating in healthier ways.  While not completely confident in my current body image, I feel empowered knowing there is a body positive community out there and if I continue to apply body positive strategies, I will one day be content in my bigger body. I feel free! I no longer feel the pressure to be thin,  restrict my food, and view food as “good or bad.” Food is just food, and it has become very freeing!

Melissa is FANTASTIC! I don’t know how she does it, but she was so skilled at started with the basics and gradually advancing my progression.  Melissa was able to ask the right kinds of questions where I was able to connect the dots myself through her guidance. Looking back, this journey could not have been done myself through reading and self study. There is just no way I could have come to the same conclusions and felt this content. My mental health is so much better- all through changing my beliefs around food and body image! I know for a fact that without Melissa’s ever-ready advise and support,  I would still be struggling with restriction, binging, guilt,  and the urge to lose weight.

Melissa was a light in the dark and I am so pleased I invested in myself to work with her! There really is no substitute for the framework Melissa provides. Melissa felt like a friend who I could confide my deepest, darkest secrets related to food and body image around. Trust me, I pushed her and she handled it all like a champ. I wasn’t comfortable telling friends or even a therapist the same things I told Melissa, because she was so transparent and competent with this material. There is no reason to wait or delay taking care of yourself, the investment is worth it 100%.

– Jill T, Private Coaching Client


I can learn from books and absorb content in other ways, so I was uncertain whether I really needed a coach, but I liked Melissa’s content and she seemed to be very genuinely caring about helping people learn about IE and body love. I liked the format of a group to learn with, but still be able to have personal contact with Melissa.

When I spoke with Melissa, her persona matched what she presented on IG and felt very comfortable to me. The price point for the group was slightly less than other options I looked at, and given that I felt so positive toward my interaction with Melissa, the decision was easy! I was already practicing IE before the group started, but was struggling with body image. Going through all the steps with the group was good reinforcement for the steps I had already taken on my own, and I did learn some new things from listening to others.

I can finally have food in my house and not worry about eating it constantly until it’s gone. I bought a donut the other day and ate half one day and half the next, because that’s what I wanted to do, not because I was deliberately restricting myself. Listening to your body is deceptively hard, particularly your satisfaction level, but the discussion of the concepts during group have helped attune me to myself.

Seems like the hardest thing in the world is to love your body, whatever its size, after a lifetime of programming from society telling you to be smaller smaller smaller. I have made such huge strides in my body image since the beginning of group. I cried during our first call when Melissa talked about getting to a point of accepting our bodies, loving our bodies, because I just couldn’t imagine feeling like that. I don’t love my body every day, but I feel so much better now. I wore a bikini at the beach the other day! I feel strong and appreciate my body’s ability to carry me through my life. Using Melissa’s framework to come up with a vision statement was HUGE. It pointed me right toward what I really want in the long term, which had nothing to do with being skinny, but only about appreciating my body as an instrument in doing things that bring me joy, and keeping it healthy for my long-term quality of life.

– Claire W, Group Coaching Client


I felt inspired after every group call. I never felt judged and always felt support from her every step! I feel more present in my life. I enjoyed my 3 months with my group. No complaints at all – invest in yourself! You won’t regret it.

– Caroline M, Group Coaching Client


Food controlled 90% of the thoughts in my head. I worried that this program would be yet another failed attempt at “dieting” but Melissa knows her stuff and is easy to talk to. Food no longer controls 90% of my life…it’s not at 0% yet, but it’s certainly not anywhere near 90%!

– Leigh Anne L, Private Coaching Client